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Back in Tokyo. Might be a good time to follow me on Instagram…

Pulse Fighter full graphic shirt by TORIENA×UPDT (SPINNS)

Pulse Fighter full graphic shirt by TORIENA×UPDT (SPINNS)

禁断の多数決 「エンタテインメント」 @kindan

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PARANOIA GIRLS is here! New storytelling collaboration between the Japanese Fashion Inferno and artist Yunico Uchiyama (vesicapisis, Shibuya Girls Pop). Suburban science fiction surrealism for YOU! Art updated bi-weekly! Please follow and enjoy! 


Paranoia Girls: Page One

Vocaloids, otaku, anison, gangster rap and other guilty pleasures collide musically at the 4th installment of the dameTunes club event in Tokyo (yeah, I’m back in Japan now, so expect more nonsense like this in the days ahead).

Sexy Slit Witch Cosplay costume by BLACK QUEEN (free fake blood with purchase…)

Simpsons items at Decorative 

Tickee on the Beach PV by hy4_4yh