Japanese Fashion Inferno

Eat Me Girl" and "Baby Heart Bunny" costumes by Lunatic Lemony Lollipop (produced by AMO)

My Instagram has gone berserk again…you might wanna follow (pics here from the Men’s Spider magazine street snap sessions at Shibuya 109-2)

Hey~ just responding to your old feedback post. I like that you post music, and I think that links to buying stuff would be beneficial, too. Rather enjoying the blog though, good work~! ∩__∩

Thank you for your feedback! I’m glad you like the music and plan to keep posting songs when I hear something that resonates with me. I try to include item links most times nowadays: just click on the text in the post. Stuff is not always easy to order internationally, and it often takes footwork and a lot of money to get stuff exported, but I guess that’s all part of the fun. Thanks again - P.

"Lucid Dream Madonna" PV by xxx of WONDER (new art collective ft. Julie Watai)

Especia『FOOLISH』 × Perfume『ナチュラルに恋して』

Crunchyroll x Tokyo episode 5: Adventures in Harajuku! 

"In the latest episode of our original video series, the heat is on as Alodia and Victoria head for Harajuku, Japan’s style and fashion hub, on a search for Lolita clothes, crepes, and cherry blossoms. Special guest star: Elleanor of TokyoFashion.com!”

Items from the Segakawaii x ACDC RAG collection